6 Easy Ways To A Dazzling Skin

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Everyone wants to bear a flawless skin. Who wouldn’t? People will always stare at a glowing skin and most will plead for the secrets to attaining one. Not everybody is lucky to be born with one we are all different.

Some people even though born with flawless skin, still struggle to maintain it especially while pregnant. During this stage, most women experience skin breakages due to hormonal imbalances. It is true that genes play a major role when it comes to skin matters. However, this is not the only determinant to a radiant skin.

In order to attain and maintain a good looking skin, you must have good skin care routine practices.

So what are the tips to a gorgeous skin?

Be Patient With Your Products

Don’t be in a rush to dismiss the current product. Truth be told, your body needs time to process the products for physical changes to appear on your skin. Make sure you empty the container before you can judge it.

However it is wise to dispose of the products if your skin disapproves of it, you can tell a product is not good for you if it swells, reddens among other unusual reactions. Carry out a lot of research so as to know your skin type and what products to use in certain weather types.

Apply Sunscreen

It is advisable to get away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Sun offers more harm than good to your skin. It has been observed those who busk for long hours under the sun without any sunscreen tend to age faster, their skin tan and it becomes rough.

To avoid all this it is advisable to use sunscreen, choose one that will prevent you against UVB and UVA rays. Carry your sunscreen with you while going outdoors and keep applying three to four hours.

Healthy Lifestyle

It is paramount to engage your body in healthy habits. This includes regular exercise, balanced diet, and enough sleep. By doing things you will be getting rid of all the enemies that cause bad skin. Some good examples are stress, unhealthy fats and unfit bodies among others.


If you are observant enough, you will notice that the best anti-aging regimens contain retinoid. This is because of the adverse pros it has, this includes dealing with acne, aiding in the creation of collagen, improving skin texture among others.

You can buy this product over the counter or you could opt for products containing retinol. Expect to get flaky skin and redness if it is your first time but this will fade away with time.

Don’t Go Overboard

It is vivid that you can’t wait to get a flawless skin. This, on the other hand, doesn’t give you the liberty to overuse products. By doing this, you are only delaying your success. Simplify your skincare process by following these steps”, cleansing, moisturizing and eventually apply a retinol. Remember when you use too many products some outdo others.

Get Rid Of Smoking

As much as smoking is dangerous to our overall body health so is it to the skin. Research shows that smokers’ age faster and their skin tend to get rough. The only solution to this is to stop smoking.

Acquiring your desired glowing skin is not a daunting task. It simply requires a little more discipline and dedication to follow the aforementioned tips.

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5 Travel Skin Care Tips To Help You Stay Beautiful Always

Traveling means a lot of fun, relaxing times, taking pictures and posting them on your Instagram account, but all that can ultimately take a toll on your skin. It is difficult to follow a proper skin care routine while you are on the go due to a lack of time, space, and resources. Here are 5 skin care tips that are not much demanding and they can help you stay gorgeous while you are traveling.

Be Prepared To Face The Weather Challenges

Before boarding the flight for your holiday destination, it makes sense to get some information regarding the weather/climatic condition of the place you are going to. If the weather is dry then you must be prepared to protect your skin from moisture loss. It would help to carry a light moisturizer that you can apply repeatedly to keep your skin hydrated.

If the place you are going to has a humid weather then your skin might be prone to breakouts. We recommend that you carry with you a good cleanser to exfoliate your skin and remove any dead cells to discover flawless and radiant skin.

Must-Have Skin Care Products In Your Bag

Now that you know what the weather is like in the place you are going to, packing your skin care products becomes easy. Some of the must-carry products include a good cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. If you are flying then you will be limited on what you can take with you so we suggest that you carry small bottles or trial packs of your favorite products, just enough to last till the last day of your vacation.

Prepare Your Skin For Extreme Weather Conditions

If you are traveling to a place with extreme weather conditions that your skin is not used to then we recommend that you prepare your skin for it. You can start using the new skin products a few days ahead of your trip to make your skin acclimatized to them. This will allow you carry only those products that suit your skin type.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemical-Based Products Before Your Trip

This is a very important and handy travel tip that you must always keep in mind. You would of course not want to travel with acne on your face or rashes on your skin. To avoid unexpected skin problems just before you leave for your trip, we suggest that you do not use any harsh chemical peels, skin resurfacing acids or treatments that can aggravate your skin.

Eat Fresh Food And Drink A Lot

Eating healthy meals and drinking clear water while traveling can greatly benefit your skin when you are on the go. So, when you are on a trip, focus on eating fresh and healthy food to avoid any side effects. Also, drink a lot of clear water and fruit juices to keep your skin well hydrated.

Following these simple skin care tips while you are on a trip can go a long way to ensure that you look best in your Instagram photos and keep getting more likes.

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Dry Skin No More: Natural Remedies For Dry Skin

Dry skin is the condition of the skin where it lacks hydration or moist that leads to cracking of the skin due to loss of its flexibility. The skin is usually rough, scaly and sometimes itchy. For most people having a dry skin is one of the most annoying and irritating skin problem. It is important that the skin is moisturized inside out in order to maintain a well-hydrated skin or prevent the skin from being dry.

There is numerous natural remedy for dry skin, a reason this skin problem is not as alarming as it seems to be. From eating the right food to applying home-made ointments to even the simple practices such as consuming an ideal amount of water every day; worrying is not really necessary.

As its name suggest, dry skin is caused by improper hydration. But there are a lot of other factors that causes the skin to dry such as allergies, pollution, alcohol, lack of vitamins, dehydration and a lot more. If it is dry, it is only logical to treat it by means of moisturizing it. Aside from drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, omega fatty acids also keep the skin moisturized from the inside. Fruits that are watery can also be alternative to water.

Sometimes, the solution to some problems can be fun and delicious. Eating the right food will help prevent dry skin. These are some of the foods that are good in treating dry skin. However, consuming too much of some of these foods may lead to undesirable effects. So, eating in moderation is advised.

  • Salmon

Salmon is a good source of omega fatty acid which keeps the skin well-hydrated from the inside. A well-hydrated skin is less vulnerable to dry skin.

  • Avocado

Contains high amount of glutathione which lightens the skin and also a good treatment for dry skin. A paste of avocado or eating it every day will relieve dry skin.

  • Strawberry

Smashed strawberry mixed with sour cream will be a good treatment for dry skin.

  • Berries And Blueberries

A good source of antioxidants helps in treating dry skin and delaying aging.

  • Banana

Be it paste or simply eating it every day, banana is essential for a healthy skin. Also, banana peels treat dry skin.

  • Green Tea

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that do not only delay aging, but also helps in treating dry skin.

  • Grape Seed Oil

Massaging a generous amount of grape seed oil will treat dry skin.

  • Sour Cream

When mixed with mashed strawberry, sour cream is a good treatment to dry skin.

  • Cucumber

Cucumber moisturize the skin preventing it from drying.

  • Honey

Despite of being technical sugar, honey does not harm the skin like other sugars. Instead, it helps in providing a glowing skin and it is good in treating dry skin.

  • Nuts

Omega fatty acids which are found in some types of nuts such as almonds keep the skin moisturized from the inside.

  • Yogurt

Probiotics are good for keeping the skin healthy. Yogurt is a good source of probiotics as well as fermented foods.

  • Tomatoes

Contains lycopene that protects the skin from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. The sun may be one of the factors that contribute to the dryness of the skin.

  • Green Leafy Vegetables

Such as broccoli, lettuce, spinach and other green leafy vegetables are good antioxidants and will help in keeping the skin well-hydrated eventually leading to prevention of dry skin and other skin problems.

  • Rooibos Tea

Contains polyphenol which delays aging of the skin.


Beauty With Egg Whites

Egg in general and egg whites have always been associated with health benefits and protein reimbursements. The studies have proved that egg whites are more than just the heart-healthy and tasty breakfast. It is said that egg whites are excellent an ingredients in the natural arsenal of beauty, all the thanks to the nourishing proteins that are present in it. The egg white is reputed to increase the elasticity and tone of the skin. Given below are a set of beauty recipes that will not only improve your skin, but would also be beneficial for your hair.

The Power Of Hair Conditioning

Egg white is a powerful ingredient for the hair. It is a natural hair conditioner. The protein, which is present in sufficient amounts in the egg white, helps strengthen the hair. In order to nourish your hair, it is suggested that you mix four egg white in a bowl (the number of 4egg whites that may be required, may vary with the length or the volume of the hair). After washing your hair thoroughly, it is suggested that you saturate your hair in the egg whites for about 30 to 60 minutes.  If you want some extra nourishment, you may also consider adding plain yogurt, coconut oil and dollops to pamper your hair.

Use As A Skin-Toner

Egg whites are also useful for the skin and works best as skin tonner. The egg white is useful in shrinking the large pores on your skin. Before you apply it on your skin, it is suggested that you squeeze a fresh lemon (another toner) in the egg white solution. Once the mixture is ready, it is suggested that you apply it to your troubled areas and rinse your face thoroughly after 20 minutes with plain water.

Use Egg-White As An Anti-Aging Tonner

The egg white protein has some real age fighting antigens present in it which protect the skin against the aging process. Combine equal portions of honey with egg white for a mask which promises to boost your youthfulness. It is recommended that you apply this mixture on your skin for about 20 minutes and then wash it thoroughly. In order to get best results, it is recommended that the procedure is repeated a couple of times a week.

Control Facial Hair Growth With Egg White

Only a few people know that egg whites actually work as gentle wax system for human skin. Apply some egg white simply with a brush on your skin. Then place a light paper towel over the troubled and damaged areas of your skin and then paint it with egg white again. Allow the entire area dry for a few minutes. Once the mixture has dried, quickly rip off the towel paper. This is a gentle method to remove the hair and many of the light hair are gone this way.

Remove Stretch Marks With The Egg-White

The packed protein in the egg white causes the stretch marks to disappear. Combine the coconut oil with the egg white and apply the mixture to the troubled areas and then rinse after 15 minutes. It is suggested that the procedure is repeated until and unless the desired results are achieved.

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For most of the people, winters have become synonymous with dryness since they experience a horrific time in winters as their skin goes dry and their face becomes stiff. They lose glow on their face and thus appear dull and listless. Their whole appearance changes dramatically and they are constantly worried about it. However, there are some tips which can ensure that the skin gets a proper and befitting treatment and is in a position to face the chilling winter effectively.

Avoid Bathing In Hot Waters

Chilling winters tempt people to opt for hot water baths since they feel extremely comfortable and snug in that. However, hot water is bad for the skin since it easily breaks the lipid barriers and thus prevents the skin from holding the moisture. Resultantly, the skin becomes dry and one feels itchy and irritated. So, bathing with tepid water is much more beneficial for the skin in winters.

There Is Nothing Fishy About Fish In Winters

Fish are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which are a boon for the skin. These acids make the skin young and fresh and keep it away from inflammation. So, one should eat a lot of fish like tuna, salmon, sardines, etc. in winters as these are good for the skin.

Exfoliate The Skin

Using a scrubber to exfoliate the dead and dry skin is simple yet effective technique to ensure that the skin is in a better position to absorb the moisturizers. Moreover, besides giving a fresh feeling to the person exfoliating makes certain that the moisture is retained by the skin for a long time. However, one must ensure that the scrubber is not so harsh that it rips the skin off the vital oil.

Use Humidifiers

Our homes and offices are flooded with central heating systems which fill the space around us with dry air. So, it is better to use humidifiers since they leave the air around us less dry. The use of humidifiers maintains the availability of moisture in the air which ensures that our skin remains dewy.

Go For Oil-Based Moisturizer

Most of the times it is seen that people stick to the water based moisturizer that they use in summers or in springs. They believe in the efficacy of the moisturizer and go on slathering it on even in the winters.  So, at this stage, one should understand that the requirements of the winters are different, and thus, there is a need to change the moisturizer as well and go for oil based moisturizer.

There is a catch here, however, as there are plenty of oil based moisturizers and some of them are not suitable to be applied on the face. One should go for such types of oils as mineral oil, almond oil, avocado oil. Furthermore, lotions containing humectants can work wonders for the skin since this substance is effective in drawing moisture.

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The body can easily be protected from the cold by using parkas, muppet furs and pom-pom hats. But how can one save the skin from the harshness of winter? From applying face oils to using the appropriate winter moisturizer, here are some of the things to be aware of for winter skin care.

What To Know About Moisturization In The Winter

It is not necessary that thicker the moisturizer, the better it will be. The general rule says that compared to ointments, lotions are heavier. Again, creams are heavier in comparison to lotions. However, the fact is that the effectiveness of a moisturizer is not determined by its viscosity but by the number and quantity of active ingredients it has. So, one must go for a moisturizer that has the capability of penetrating the skin and hydrating it. It is advisable not to use oil or petroleum-based products if one is prone to breakouts.

The type of skin decides the most appropriate moisturizer. For normal to combination skin, the moisturizer that does not make one look patchy is the ideal one. Again, for breakout prone skin, moisturizers containing lipids but no petrolatum or oil are the most appropriate ones. For excessively dry skin, first one should apply an emollient moisturizer, which shuts in the moisture and then go for a second cream moisturizer over it.

Contrary to the popular belief, face oils cannot function as moisturizers. Instead of being absorbed by the skin, oil leaves a greasy feeling. However, the positive thing about oil is that it can make the skin glow and protect it from exterior forces like the wind. The most appropriate method of using face oil is by mixing a few drops with the moisturizer and then applying it.

Applying moisture on a freshly washed skin delivers effective results. So it would be great to softly pat the skin dry after a shower or washing the face and then immediately apply moisturizer.

How Eating More Fish Helps

In order to maintain a supple skin, it is good to consume food that is rich in omega-3s. A lot of members of the fish family such as halibut, sablefish, anchovies, sardines and salmon contain a considerable amount of omega-3s.

Apart from eating fish, it would also be great if one can avoid alcohol and coffee. While the former increases the pace of dehydration, the latter is a diuretic. It is also good to stay away from starchy and sugary food during the winter season, because these substances may cause inflammation, ultimately leading to aggravation of skin problems like eczema, acne, dry skin and wrinkles.

Staying Away From Excessive Showers And Exfoliation

A lukewarm shower for a short period of time is the best. Water drains the natural oils of the skin and leads to dehydration, more so if one uses hot water. Too much use of hot water also results in redness of the skin.

If the skin is flaky and dry during the winter season, one should never go for excessive exfoliation because it weakens the skin further. A gentle cleanser ought to be used in place of those containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

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Actress Jordana from Fast & Furious is known for her glowing bronze skin. look. Shiny skin is her special attraction in interviews and TV shows.  The real fact is that Jordana Brewster has been suffering from facial allergies. Also, she frequently suffers from puffiness and redness in the face. Here are a few tips we learned from Jordana.


Use eye gels after you wake in the morning when you see puffy eyes in the face. While you are on the vehicle, use sunglasses that protect you from further swelling.


Ultraviolet ray could aggravate the wrinkles near to eyes. If you are going out in the daylight, take your sunglasses from the harmful effects of UV rays. Moreover, glass prevents lines, eyes dark circle and wrinkles. That’s why most of the celebrities such as Jordana wear glasses in every outdoor.


Taking water is a part of Jordana’s life. It keeps her keep fit and stays away from dehydration. Our body is made up of more than 60% of water. You have to take water whenever possible to stay fresh and lively. Also, avoid salt and it’s products


Use a luminizing pen to get instant results to solve eye lines. Mascara along with the pen improves the brightness immediately.


Jordana applies natural grape seed oil to remove her eye costumes and makeups. Using a good organic moisturizer cream protects her from a hot burning sun, and flashing studios light too. Vibrant hair is an asset for any actress. She has been a regular user of Quai-Dry shampoo for years, and it works wonder for her hair. She got this tips from a well-known hair stylist Jen Atkin. Also, dry shampoo keeps the hair healthy and offers a variety of texture.


Many people think that actress is born beauties and they don’t need any further protection to keep their beauty. It is a misguided thought that many people have. If a busy actress likes Jordana able to keep her skin glows, you can do a lot more to get healthy skin and live healthily.

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Wrinkles on the face or occasional grey hair strands indeed make us look aged, but more than anything else, it is the dark under eye shadows that take a toll on our looks making us appear aged. Dark circles are mainly a kind of pigmentation of the skin occurring as a result of stress, improper nutrition, inadequate sleep, illness, weakness and constant anxiety.


It is true that there are a lot of creams and other treatments available in the marketplace that claim to eliminate under eye circles. The results are varying and you may not know whether the real ingredients that are being used are good for the skin or not. Given this, there are some DIY remedies that can be followed at home to remove under eye dark circles. They are safe and easy to use.


Several simple stuff that are often readily available in our house can be very helpful in removing these dark circles.


Anti-oxidants present in teabags combat free radicals, thereby fading dark circles and removing fine lines. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory property of tea relieves swollen, puffy eyes. Again caffeine present in tea lightens the eye skin by shrinking blood vessels. Take a couple of used black or green tea bags and refrigerate them for 30 minutes. Over each eye, place a tea bag, and leave the same for around 15 minutes. After this, remove the bags and then rinse off your face. Repeat this procedure twice a day for some weeks.


Cold compress also helps in constricting the blood vessels bringing down puffiness and dark circles. Immerse a small washcloth in milk or cold water. Close your eyes and put it over the eyelids for some time. Again, take some ice cubes within a soft cloth and place the cloth beneath the eyes. Let it stay for a few minutes. You may also use a cold spoon or a bag of refrigerated peas.


The cooling effect of mint helps remove dark circles naturally. It also relaxes the eyes. Take a small quantity of mint leaves and grind them. With this mint paste, mix some lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the affected area and let it stay for 15 minutes. Rinse off. Repeat this process two times daily.


Being a storehouse of lactic acid, buttermilk can peel the skin, making it look brighter. Moreover, its astringent properties are capable of curing under eye staining. Combine around two tablespoons of buttermilk with some turmeric, say about one-fourth tablespoon. Apply the paste over the areas affected by dark circles, and leave for approximately 20 minutes. Rinse off using lukewarm water.


Witch hazel acts as a very good natural astringent, and hence can treat puffiness and dark circles. Take two cotton pads, one for each eye and soak them in witch hazel. Over each eye, place one cotton pad in such a manner that it covers the dark circle affected area. Remove after six to eight minutes.

Do away with creams that contain artificial ingredients and switch to DIY home remedies to deal with dark circles. You will definitely get good results.

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If you want a beautiful face of a teenager, you should never skip the night skin regimen. But as you become busy with dinner making, putting kids to sleep, planning your next day, you would avoid these tips which you should never miss in the night. Naturally, it takes its toll on your beauty.


Here are four simple, time-saving evening routine that can make your face glow without disturbing any of your commitments to yourself and your family.


Is cleaning your teeth the last act you do before you go to the bed? If so, you could be washing off your expensive skin creams. You can’t afford your hours of work in maintaining your beauty washed away with a toothpaste stuck somewhere on your face. Melanie Palm, Assistant professor at Californian University and founding director of Art of Skin MD suggests her patients brush their teeth even before they do their nightly beauty routine.


You can’t avoid face washing before you sleep to remove dirt that is likely to block the pores if left overnight. Palm warns to be cautious while washing. She says to avoid washing twice if you are using the sonic brush to cleanse. You can wash either at night or in the morning but not both the times. It is preferable to use fingertips or soft cloth to wash your face. The best product to use for washing is always cleanser containing glycolic acid, hydroxyl for extra rejuvenation.


Always use anti-aging treatments after you have brushed your teeth and after completing washing your face. Palm advises dry skin before using any medication whether it is eye treatment or topical medications. Wet skin increases absorption increasing skin irritation. It is best to use retinol based products for anti-aging like wrinkles and helping pigmentation. But always take the time to do it. Condition retinol to the skin by using it after the gap of three nights for few weeks before using them every night. You can use excess eye cream around your mouth to smoothen the skin around lips which is similar to skin under the skin.


The last action before sleep is to apply moisturizer to your face and not to brush your teeth. 90% of people would get this order wrong which can make a lot of difference to your beauty. An application of good moisturizer will enhance cellular repair as you sleep. Make sure the moisturizer contains antioxidants, niacinamide, and ceramides. Antioxidants help in fighting environmental damage, and niacinamide reduces redness in the face and inflammation and hyaluronic acid (ceramides) provides a moisturizing effect.


If you want to have a glowing face, you should first get this order right. It is of no use to use expensive creams without getting this simple trick since all the creams you are going to use is going to go down the drain without following these tips. Try these simple tips to enjoy its proven benefits which can make heads turn to your direction.

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Many women think that they need expensive, commercial products to effectively take care of their skin. What most people don’t know is that many of the things that your face craves can be found right at home in your fridge and pantry! Unlike beauty products that you can find at the cosmetics counter, ones you make at home don’t contain unnecessary additives or chemicals. Keep reading to find the best natural ways to take care of your skin.


You know that you probably feel better physically when you eat well and stick to that New Year’s resolution workout plan. What you might not know is that those things can actually make a huge impact on the look of your skin.

Make sure that you include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. These kinds of vibrantly coloured foods are packed with vitamins and minerals that your skin will love.

Get up and move. Even if it is just for a walk around the office at lunch, stand up and move. Try doing some stretches every hour. Doing so will keep you limber, as well as help your skin retain moisture. This makes the face appear plump and youthful.

Not only does sticking to a routine of fresh, healthy food and regular exercise improve the outward appearance of skin, you will feel better from the inside. Knowing that you’re doing what’s best for your well-being gives you a glow that simply can’t be found anywhere else.


Avoid processed foods wherever possible. They are often filled with artificial ingredients, preservatives, salt, and sugar. Extra salt and sugar in your diet leads to dryness and pimples. Avoid these kinds of unpleasant situations by keeping processed goods to a minimum.

When using products o n your face, make sure that they are as natural as the products going into your body. Oftentimes, there are unnecessary additives to popular beauty products. These can dry out your skin and lead to breakouts. Natural beauty products are often just as effective, if not more so, at locking moisture in the skin.


An important set of steps in any beauty regime are exfoliation and moisturizing. Keeping a consistent routine with these steps ensures that your skin looks youthful for as long as possible. Your fridge is home to some of the best natural products for your skin.

A gentle exfoliation performed once to twice per week to remove dead skin cells. Make a simple scrub with lemon, honey, and brown sugar. Gently massage into your face in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water and pat the skin dry. You can also replace the sugar with baking soda, but beware, baking soda can be more drying on the skin.

A cheap, natural moisturizer is coconut oil. It easily melts into the skin, trapping moisture under the surface. Melt the oil in your hand and rub into the skin. It relives dry spots and red patches quickly and naturally.