Interesting Facts about Burdock Root

Burdock roots are taken from the burdock plant that is used as a vegetable as well as a medicinal herb. The plant is a biennial that is native to Northern Europe and Siberia. In Japan, the plant is known as gobo. Burdock is cultivated throughout the planet because of its easy growing nature that can grow on all kinds of soil. The root has several medicinal benefits and uses.

Burdock root

Health Benefits of Burdock Root

The burdock roots, shoots, and the stalks carry numerous compounds that are rich in antioxidants and can prevent various kinds of diseases. They also have various health promoting properties. The roots have an extremely low-calorie count with just over 70 calories per 100g. They reduce blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol levels very consistently if consumed over time. Overall, this root is a great for healthcare.

Nutritional Value

100gms of Burdock root has high amounts of electrolyte potassium enough for 6.5% of the daily potassium intake recommended for an adult. The root also contains small amounts of most vital vitamins like vitamins C and E. The roots contain folic acid, niacin and pyridoxine that are essential for controlling blood pressure and heart rate. They are known to prevent all kinds of infections, neurological conditions, and even cancer to some extent. The roots are also rich in iron, manganese, magnesium and small amounts of calcium, selenium, phosphorus and zinc. The huge variety of minerals and nutrients, this root offers opens up as a revelation to many.

Medicinal Uses

The herb has found a place in various medicinal uses throughout the recent history of medical science. It is a very effective blood purifier ad contains diuretic principles that remove toxic compounds from the body through urine. The herb is also known to be extremely effective in treating eczema.

Needless to say, the Burdock stem is one of the greatest finds of medical history and is known to have healing properties for a wide number of illnesses and health problems. It has established its name as one of the most effective medicinal roots of all time. All the uses the root has been proven and, needless to say, it has the potential to become one of the key components in the average human being’s daily diet.

Treatment of Skin Pigmentation Naturally

When it comes to our skin, it is most often seen that we keep on complaining about the various spots appearing on it. When there is skin, spots are about to happen. It is the natural process of life. Skin pigmentation is one such problem related to our skin. On today’s date, the increasing rate of pollutants in the air, scorching heat, injuries and many other reasons are behind the appearance of pigments on the skin surface. While we cannot control things that are not in our hand, we can surely control their consequences. Even the injuries happened in the past can result in the appearance of skin pigments. We can certainly take several steps for removing the skin pigmentation.

The nature has provided us with enough products that can be our weapon for our war against the skin problems. We must, therefore, go ahead to figure out the natural remedies that can put a stop to the skin problems.

sun burn

Lemon Juice                                                      

Lemon is a citric fruit. It works as natural bleach. Rubbing the lemon extracts on the pigmented area can result into the cleansing of the skin tissues. The impurities would be eradicated, and the skin would get its natural glow back.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder is referred to the antiseptic gift of God in the Ayurveda. The ancient sages used this particular product for various healing purposes. Mix the powder with some amounts of lemon juice and apply on the pigmented surface for getting the best results.


Cucumber is very famous as the coolest fruit of all time. In many cases, we compare people working efficiently under pressure to be ‘as cool as a cucumber’. There is logic behind such a statement. This natural product consists of antioxidants and several nutrients that regulate the moisture content in our skin. As a result, the skin stays cool even when the heat is on the higher side. Skin pigmentation can be got rid of if the juice derived from cucumber is applied on the affected surface.


Onion is another great vegetable produced by nature. Putting an onion slice directly on the infected area can give back potential results. The pigmentation of the skin would be removed in just a matter of time.

Therefore, we can see that the nature has provided us with various products that are beneficial for our skin. If you are facing the problem of skin pigmentation, the products mentioned above can be of great help.


Natural Protection of Skin from Sun Burn

As the scorching summer arrives in our lives, the chances of burning off our skin cells and tissues are inevitable. Even if you would like to swim in the ocean, the heat of the sun is all set to burn your skin. The sun burns can cause the skin to appear red. Sun spots are also visible in case of over exposure of the skin to the radiation of the sun. The sun rays also have some fatal consequences on our skin. The solar radiation consists of several harmful rays as well, such as the Ultra Violet rays. These can penetrate through the skin tissues and cause skin cancer.  There are numerous foods made available by the nature that allows proper protection of our skin from the harmful solar radiation. In this article, we would discuss the various natural products that can protect us from sunburn.

sun burn


Broccoli is an important vegetable when it comes to the nutrient contents. This particular vegetable is a rich source of antioxidants, which protects our skin from the scorching heat. The vitamin contents of this particular veggie make sure that the dead cells are removed, and new cells are born. Broccoli also consists of the certain enzyme, namely lycopene that prevents cancerous cells from generating in the skin.


Potatoes must be eaten in a limited quantity if you are regular visitor of the gym. But when it comes to the fighting the solar heat, potatoes can be extremely effective. The nutrients and antioxidants present in the potatoes prevent the skin from getting burnt in the heat.

Green tea

The researchers have discovered the fact that if green tea is consumed twice a day, it can obviously protect the skin from the harmful solar radiation. Green tea contains high amounts of catechin compounds, which generates a protective layer around the skin; eventually protecting it from getting sunburns.


Spinach is another natural product available, which protects the skin from sunburn. The high amounts of antioxidants present in this particular green leaf keep the skin cells hydrated. Proper circulation of blood is also generated by the nutrient contents of this veggie.

Therefore, it can be seen that the nature has provided us with enough products that eventually protects our skin from sunburn. Now, if you are about to beat the heat, the products as mentioned earlier can be of great use.


If you’re looking to get rid of sun burns and protect yourself from the sun while you’re outside, we recommend that you try out our Vine Vera moisturizers. Effective and useful, you will start noticing the difference within a little time.

Benefits of Flour for Skin

Well, here is something that you probably didn’t know about – flour is used by some people for skin care too! We all know that flour is used for making several evening snacks. Their taste works as a refreshing element for our mood. But how many of you had the idea about the qualities it possesses that can be beneficial for our skin? If you were not aware of it, then read the following article to know about the benefits it provides and the procedure of using flour as a beauty product.

Flour can be used for removal of suntan

After exposing our skin to the open sun for hours, it is quite natural for our skin to get tanned. Flour has the quality to remove tan marks and regenerate the original complexion of your skin.

Reduces oil from our skin

If your skin is oily, dirt can be easily attracted. It results into the skin appearing dirty. Using flour in your beauty regime can put a control on the amount of skin oil. It reduces extra amounts of oil from our skin and keeps the skin perfect.

Removes pimples

Applying flour on the affected area of your skin would make sure that the pimples are removed from your face.

Provides fairness instantly by purifying skin

Flour has a natural quality of removing impurities from our skin, as a result of which the skin attains a shine. If a face pack made of flour is applied on the face, it appears to be much fairer than usual, instantly.

Removal of facial hair

Many women face the problem of unwanted hairs growing on their face. If you or your friend is facing such problems, do not hesitate to apply flour on the face. Those unwanted hairs would be vanished in just a matter of time.

Prevents sun burn

Flours have natural properties that protect our skin from sunburn. Thus, it prevents the skin from getting red.

Now, we have an idea about the benefits of flour for our skin; we shall now discuss the way flour can be used for getting the best results.

Mixing flour with milk or yogurt and applying it on the skin can result in the reduction of skin oils. If you are facing any problem related to your skin then you must make a solution as follows and apply it on the affected area:

Take four tablespoons of flour and mix it with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric. Then gently apply on the skin for preventing the problems you have been facing.

Once you have come to know about the qualities of flour and the process of applying it, grab some packets of flour from the store and start working.

Papaya Seeds and Benefits of Skin

The nature has provided us with abundant gifts that are beneficial for our health. Papaya is one such fruit that is grown in the lap of nature. The great American explorer, Mr. Christopher Columbus was so much fascinated by papaya that he called it as ‘Angel’s fruit’. The reason behind it is obviously its taste and health benefits that are derived from the fruit. It consists of an enzyme named, ‘papain’; which is used by the body for the digestion of complicated proteins. Not only it is useful for digestion process but its rich contents of nutrients are extremely beneficial for our skin as well.

Let us look into the properties of papaya that make it an awesome natural product for our skin.

Antioxidants present in papaya protects skin from sun burn

Papayas are a rich source of antioxidants. These components allow the skin to stay protected from the harmful heat of the sun. The antioxidants save the skin from sun burns. The anti-inflammatory properties of this fruit prevent rashes and redness of the skin.

Papain and vitamin A nourishes the cells and remove dead cells

The fruit contains an enzyme called ‘papain’ and has high amounts of vitamin A, which allows the nourishment of the skin cells. The dead cells are removed and in their place new cells are generated. Applying the paste of papaya extracts on the rough and damaged skin allows the surface to smoothen up.

Prevent skin diseases

Application of the papaya extracts on the skin prevents every possible disease such as eczema, acne and many more. The nutrients present in the papaya helps the skin to fight against the infectious germs and allow the skin to stay free of any contamination.

Works as an anti-aging agent

The vitamins and natural enzymes present in the papaya helps to keep the skin youthful. It protects the skin from getting wrinkles and appearing saggy. The proteins present in the papaya helps the skin tissues to be held together. Consumption of papaya in a regular manner prevents any signs of aging from appearing on the skin.

Works as a skin hydrator

The nutrients present in the papaya helps to keep our skin cells hydrated. It works as a skin moisturizer. The skin appears more lively, and all the skin impurities are removed from the within.

Papaya is a natural product available in abundance and consuming it on a daily basis can add to the glamour of our skin. Complement it with your favorite Vine Vera moisturizer to see the best results. You are sure to be surprised.


The Top 4 Benefits of Avocado for Your Skin

 Avocado is extremely beneficial for the skin. While some people use avocado for making face packs or face masks in order to rejuvenate their skin pores, eating them directly or in meals is also wonderful for the skin complexion.

Here, we are going to discuss about the benefits which avocado has and why they are so popularly employed by so many people. Avocado skin care

Avocado benefits:

Avocado comprises of several health vitamins, nutrients and healthy fatty acids which not only improve the skin from the inside but also makes them shiny from the outside. Here are four avocado benefits which our readers should know about.

The benefit of carotenoids

Avocado is regarded as nature’s healthiest food and is a great source of antioxidant carotenoids such as alpha carotene, beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. It assists the skin from all the environmental hazards and nullifies the occurrences of wrinkles, dark spots and other probable signs of skin ageing. These carotenoids are extremely effective for skin density, thickness in skin tone and also improve the general appearance.

Vitamin C-

Avocado is very rich in vitamin C and we all know that Vitamin C is extremely beneficial for the skin. It not only binds the skin cells together but also maintains their structure as well as firmness. In fact some people find it absolutely bamboozling seeing the quantity of vitamin C present in avocado.

Moisturizing monounsaturated fatty acids-

One of the prime benefits of avocado is the presence of high concentration of oleic acids. It is extremely fruitful for the skin and makes it beautiful, soft and hydrated. It regenerates the damaged skin cells and also reduces the redness as well as irritation which occur due to skin infections or pimples. They also assist in fighting pimples and also eliminate the occurrences of wrinkles.

Vitamin E-

Avocado is also packed with high concentrations of Vitamin E which in turns assists in preventing the skin to age quickly. It also protects the skin from the harmful UVA as well as UVB sun radiation.

With these benefits packed in one avocado is gives us all the more reason to consume it on a daily basis. Hence this is all we have via this segment. Hopefully reading it was enlightening!


Best Moisturizer Tips to Help You Keep Going This Summer!

Now that you have learnt about the various kinds of moisturizer that Vine Vera has to offer, we also wish to help you with some methods to get the maximum out of your favourite moisturizer!

Cabernet High-Potency Vitamin Cream

If you apply the moisturizer correctly and properly is increases hydration on the skin’s layers and prevents dullness from taking place. It also protects the skin with a layer of moisture which remains on it all day long. The skin gets nourished from deep within and shines like never before.

  • It is quite essential to purchase the right kind of moisturizer if you wish to derive all the benefits it has to offer. Buy a moisturizer which is specifically made for your skin type and contains humectants in it. Humectants are those components that ensure that the moisturizer works for longer hours and stays on the skin.
  • Always apply the correct quantity of any moisturizer on your face. Never apply too much or too little. Applying very little moisturizer will not help the skin as it should while too much of the product on the face will clog pores and make you feel heavy on the face.
  • The layerings of the products as you apply them on the skin in quite vital too. If you layer skin care products right they are more effective and work in coordination with each other. What you need to do is apply products that have a thin consistency first and then move on to the heavier ones at the end. So we advice our customers to apply serums in the beginning, follow it with natural oils and then opt for the creams at the end.
  • It is a myth that facial moisturizers cannot be applied on the neck region. Moisturizers work very well on the neck line just as they do on the face and must be used regularly every time you moisturize your face. The product gives your neck line a glow and keeps it soft all day long.
  • Change your moisturizer according to the season to get the best out of it. After all if you use a thin consistency cream in winters it will not protect and nourish the skin as it should and be futile to use. Use light creams in summers only to stay fresh and feel cool. If you experience any specific skin problem in a season, tend to it first and use moisturizers which will help control the problem.