Great Tips To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes

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Women of all age groups come across the problem of dark circles. This problem becomes almost unmanageable at later stages; so, it becomes pivotal to understand the causes of this problem so as to curb the occurrence of dark circles to begin with. However, even if one has got affected with the dark circles, then they must take regular precautions in order to prevent them from becoming prominent. So, here are some of the common causes of dark circles, and some effective ways of dealing with this problem effectively.

Causes Of Dark Circles

Inadequate Sleep

One of the main causes of occurrence of dark circles is the inadequate sleep that people take. Moreover, the kind of disturbed sleep that people take is also not good for the skin. Our skin follows the process of rejuvenating itself at night, and getting proper sleep facilitates the skin in performing its function.

Too Much Alcohol Or Salt

Too much intake of alcohol or salt is bad for the skin, as these elements dehydrate the skin, and invariably affect the sensitive area under the skin, leading to the occurrence of dark spots.


Allergies too lead to the occurrence of dark spots, since they cause dilation of blood vessels in the sensitive areas of the skin.


Hyperpigmentation is due to excessive exposure to sun. So, this problem too leads to the occurrence of dark spots in sensitive area under the eyes.

Not Removing Makeup

Makeup is good for the skin during the day, but sleeping with makeup on is really disastrous for the skin. Hence, one must always remove it prior to sleeping.

Solutions For Dark Circles

After understanding the prime causes for the occurrence of dark circles it is time to uncover some effective solutions for dark circles. Here are some of the ways of tackling this problem.


Cleansing the face regularly is very important in this case. Moreover, one must opt for gentle cleansers. Or, women could use already moistened cloth to remove the makeup at night. Caution must be exercised not to cause irritation to the skin by being too harsh, especially in the area under the eyes.


One must keep their skin hydrated all the time. This ensures that the skin remains plump and healthy. Moreover, investing in under-eye cream is also important at this stage, since the extra sensitive area requires special attention. Moreover, moisturizer must have SPF element as well in order to ensure protection from UVA and UVB rays of the sun.


Concealing the dark spots is next important step to be undertaken. A good quality BB cream provides that great bright look by concealing the areas that have been hyperpigmented. The ingredients like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, etc. provide the necessary protection to the area, besides lending that soothing effect.


One must make it a habit to massage the area under the eyes. This should be done by taking lightweight moisturizer on the fingers and making circular moments. This activity not only boosts the circulation but also reduces the occurrence of puffy eyes.

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